Discover the secrets of arranging flowers like a pro!

In the FlowerKind membership, you’ll learn to prep and arrange gorgeous floral bouquets, centerpieces and more!

You’ll be arranging flowers like a pro in no time. You’ll learn to make simple, beautiful arrangements for any occasion. 

Open for a new bunch
 April 1, 2022

You'll learn:

  • the basics of floral design

  • the techniques of flower arranging and flower care

  • you’ll also learn about color, symmetry, composition, and design


What's Included?

  • Every month you'll get two classes or tutorials.

  • Access to the FlowerKind Community

  • Quarterly Challenges

  • Bonus workshops and guest designers!

In addition to the class videos and instruction, we'll also give you:

  • Sources and/or links for all the supplies 

  • Detailed breakout of stem counts for each piece

  • Flower substitution suggestions so you can recreate the pieces with the materials you have access to

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FlowerKind is a right fit if you are...

FlowerKind is for anyone who wants to learn more about floral arranging and design! FlowerKind is a right fit if you....

  • want to make supermarket flowers go from tragic to magic!
  • want your Holiday centerpieces to look AMAZING!
  • want to know how to decorate your mantle!
  • want to create a wreath for your front door!
  • want to create arrangements for your family and friends!
  • want to express your creativity through a new medium!
  • LOVE flowers and want to join a community of other flower lovers!
  • want monthly inspiration!
At FlowerKind we have a saying.  "For the love of ALL FlowerKind."  We love ALL the flowers and ALL the people.  If you love flowers and want to join a community of FlowerKind, we'd love to welcome you.


We believe in Flowers.  
We believe in Kindness.
We believe in People.


Cultivate your creativity! Learn how to create brand new floral designs every month.



Develop your knowledge and skills on the different elements and tools of floral design.



Join a community of like-minded creatives to encourage your growth and provide inspiration.


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