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The Foundations

Learn all about the different tools you can use to create your floral designs!

Fun Community

Join the community to show off your arrangements! Learn from fellow  members!

Monthly Classes 

Each month two NEW online classes for you to hone your floral design skills! 


All this as well as discounts on in-person
classes and workshops!

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Learn how to arrange flowers like a pro. 

In the FlowerKind membership, you’ll learn to source, prep, and arrange gorgeous floral bouquets, centerpieces and more!

Trust us, you’ll be arranging flowers like a pro in no time. You’ll learn to make simple, beautiful arrangements for any occasion. 
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In-person Classes

The FlowerKind Membership & Community is fully online!  We will be hosting classes in-person at our Burlington, NC studio. All FlowerKind membership will get discounts for in-person classes.  In-person classes are open to anyone regardless of membership status.

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